Another interim update to have a look at – I am doing these updates often at this point to illustrate the pace of the visas issuances. Globally they have issued nearly 3000 visas since Feb 2 (so 16 days) – and as I have explained before we can expect that pace to keep up.
There are certainly some embassies not updating properly at this point still, nevertheless this gives a good picture of what is happening.

The amount of AP cases in AS region is high – higher than the whole of AF region. That would mostly be due to Iran – so it confirms that Iranian cases are as likely as they were last year to go into AP – the only question is whether the cases will stay in AP as long as they did last year. If they do – then we can assume a similar number of Iranian cases to be issued – from 2000 to 2500, which would then mean that AS region should go over AS10000 – and on toward the 12000 to 13000 range.

By the way I expect 2NLs to come out tomorrow or over the weekend – I will try to capture the data again to see how many cases are sent the 2NLs.

feb 18 update


Here is the data

Here is how to use google sheets to analyze the data.

CEAC data update – Feb 18