CEAC data update Feb 25


OK – we have our extract update taken immediately after the “in Transit” update occurred this morning. We can see the progress they are making when we compare this update to the previous week and also the beginning of the month. It looks like they are on target to issue 4000+ visas this month (with 12217issued up to now). And that is slightly behind the pace I expect, but of course February is a short month.


So – here are the summary numbers for this update and the previous week. The full extract is available at the link below and I will also be posting my analysis after seeing 2NL activity and predictions for the next VB. That link is here, but please, please don’t click the link it you prefer to remain uninformed 😉





Here is the data

And before you ask me to give you data on “your” embassy – it is very easy to do that yourself. So – here is how to use google sheets to analyze the data.



CEAC data update Feb 25