***Quick Update***

I put out this request for help nearly 18 hours ago. Since then YOU have managed to capture an additional 16000 numbers – so we are almost 25% through the whole 2017 case number range. This is absolutely fantastic. Nearly 200 people have tried the tool at least once – but the top 50 or 60 people in the hall of fame have solved 50 captures or more. Our top solver is “mrer NEPAL” who has solved an incredible 2225,  closely followed by “Donald Trump”, a “Blindman” and “Kim Jong-In”!!! Hahahaha – I love that sense of humor too!! Thank you all!

Let’s keep going to finish off DV2017 in the next few days – and when DV2018 data is available – we will be ready!!!



OK – a couple of days ago I asked for some help testing a new process that captures the CEAC data. About 25 people volunteered and have been testing over the last 24 hours. I am so incredibly grateful for their help. It really is the best of everyone helping toward a common goal.

The test has gone extremely well – and we already captured status for over 5000 case numbers. This is incredible. From the data I am already seeing (this is DV2017 data) and can get numbers of how many people did not respond, how many have been issued, refused or are on AP. This is exactly the sort of data we need to understand what happened in DV2017 and what will happen in DV2018.


So –  Xarthisius and I would like to expand the test. If we get enough people it won’t be long before we can have captured all the cases from all the regions – and that will help explain why DV2017 finished so badly. So – whether you want to know about DV2017 OR if you will want to know about DV2018 – please spend a few minutes and help us capture the data.


All you have to do is login at the link below and start solving captures. Each one takes a few moments to type in – and there is a hall of fame to show who is collecting the most! Every captcha solved gets a case number. DV2017 has around 90,000 case numbers. So – let’s get going!!!




By the way – a couple of people have question if this is legal. Yes it is. The Department of State have said this data is in the public domain and can be copied and distributed without their permission. Here is their copyright statement.



Links to Department sites are welcomed. Unless a copyright is indicated, information on the Department of State Web Site is in the public domain and may be copied and distributed without permission. Citation of the U.S. State Department as source of the information is appreciated.