On January 1 the DV2019 CEAC data became available. as I explained in my last article, the government changed their process again, so Xarthisius worked fast to re-engineer the scraper solution. By everyone spending some time solving captchas while running Xarthisius’ script, Xarthisius can collect all the data and then make it available so we can get better understanding of the cases this year. No one can predict accurately without this information. No one. Even with the information we cannot predict exactly what will happen, but it is better to know something than know nothing.

So – we need to get involved. I have thousands of people that read my last article. If everyone spends a couple of hours on this we would have the DV2019 data by now. BUT not enough people are helping, and those that are helping need to do more. If not, we won’t have the data. Last year we had a far faster response and I think we had all or most of the data by this same point in 2018. Come on guys! Don’t tell me DV2019 winners can’t achieve the same as DV2018 winners!!

So – please do something useful with your time while you are waiting for your turn to be interviewed. I get several people a day asking for my predictions. Rather than ask that – please spend your time getting the data!

Xarthisius has made a number of great updates in the past days. You can now enter a nickname so we can honor those who are doing the scraping work, and the script automatically handles capturing the data and allows fast entry of the next captcha. Please try and remember your nickname so your efforts in different sessions can be combined. Sometimes you will see a window briefly open (which mean that is a real case). The script captures the data from that popup window. Sometimes the case number isn’t found which means it is a “hole” (no actual case number). These holes are cases that are removed before the results are announced (duplicate entries, obvious fraud and so on). The results (holes or actual cases) are sent to Xarthisius and he will publish the data for all to see.

So – to help get the data please read the instructions at this link and do what you can to help.