This is important information on how to process your DV lottery win.


DV2023 winners CONGRATULATIONS on being selected for the green card lottery DV2023.

I am BritSimon and I run a blog The only subject that my blog deals with is helping DV lottery winners get their green cards. I don’t charge any fees, this is not my job. My wife and I received our greencards in the DV lottery in 2014, so I have been learning and studying the DV lottery since 2013. I now use all of that experience to help people like you, and since DV2013 I have helped MANY thousands of people get their dream opportunity.


Please watch the video above which will help you understand the process. Below are some important links that you should look at.

How to complete your DS260

Some tips on submitting your DS260 are here:

Tips if you can’t check your entry:

Top 9 reasons people get denied