***UPDATE – please watch this video to make sure you do not make a mistake***

One of the blog readers received his documents required email and noticed there was a difference in the format and content of the email. Thanks Ran!

I think it’s an interesting and important change – so I wanted to get this out.

I will include the new email text below, but I will first call out some important differences.

First – the email timing may have changed. Previously the email talked about the DS260 processing being finished. The new format talks about the DS260 having been submitted. That suggests that they are going to ask for documents earlier – soon, or immediately after DS260 submission. There was a case a few days ago that was asked within a few days of submission – so this email format and my assumption is somewhat corroborated by that report.

Second the marriage and divorce documentation are now being requested (where that is needed). So married people are being asked to provide those documents before getting interviews scheduled. That is important.

Third this is now a naming convention being suggested for the documents themselves – and more clarity about how the email should be referenced. I’m sure this is an attempt to improve the workflow for the backend team who are processing these documents, so stick closely to these formats if you want a smooth document procedure.

Let me expand on their naming convention – these are ideal filenames to make it as simple as possible for them.

Each document should be scanned and saved with a filename that clearly identifies the case number, applicant name (principal or derivative name), and finally the document.

Case Number, they are showing they want the full case number with leading zeros – KCC often “prefer” the leading zeros to ensure precise reference of the case. Use that for the document and the subject.

Name should be firstname_lastname format.

Document should be one of the following list Passport, Birth_Certificate, Marriage_certificate, Divorce_document, Death_certificate, Annulment_paper, Military_record, Police_certificate_country_XXX , Court_record_country_XXX.

If translations are needed, then add “_translation” on the filename.

So you will end up with documents like this:

2020AF00938653_John_Doe_Birth_Certificate.pdf 2020AF00938653_John_Doe_police_certificate_country_france.pdf 2020AF00938653_John_Doe_police_certificate_country_france_translation.pdf 2020AF00938653_John_Doe_marriage_certificate.pdf


and so on…

I hope that’s clear. You can combine one persons documents into one multiple page scan – so in that case just change the filename to say “all_documents” after the applicant name. Really – just use some common sense about this. The email below has all the instructions already.

Their example (and mine) uses pdf as the file extension but you can also scan files to jpg or jpeg file format.

Lastly – I get a lot of people asking several questions. Let me try and list those here to cut down on the times I am asked these same things.

Q: Should send documents without being asked?

A: There really isn’t any need to do that unless we are getting late in the processing year (say March/April). Until then, wait for your request, especially if your case number is high anyway.

***Update*** in DV2021 and DV2022 it is clear that sending documents without being asked is probably the best choice, on balance. It has worked for some people and you cannot just sit and wait while KCC get around to asking you.

Q: Does getting this email guarantee an appointment/that they are happy with my DS260/That there are enough visas etc.

A: No – none of those things can be assumed simply because you got this email.

Q: What is the order that these emails are sent/is it case number order/why has so and so number had theirs when I have not had mine.

A: We do not know the order in which these emails are sent. Don’t worry about it – nothing should be assumed about that order or the lack of an order. RELAX!

Q: If I send my documents early, can I be interviewed before my case number is current on the Visa Bulletin.

A: NO!!!!! No one is scheduled until their case number is current.

Q: I already sent the documents before this change, do I need to send again?

A: If you received the email that starts “Records indicate you have submitted a complete and valid DS-260 application for each family member, and you have provided all required documentation to the Kentucky Consular Center.” then NO you would not need to send again. If you have not received that email, you may need to send documents again – please wait a few days then check with KCC.

OK – so here is the email with full instructions. Please read it – and don’t ask me questions that are directly answered in the email or this article. PLEASE. I am CRAZY busy at the moment in my own work AND the busy lottery season. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be respectful of my time.

——————————————- Email Pasted Below ——————————————

Dear <<Name>>:

Congratulations on your selection for the 2020 Diversity Visa program!

The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) hereby confirms receipt of the DS-260 Diversity Visa application form for you and each accompanying family member(s). Please read this email and carefully follow the instructions listed in order to have your application processed as quickly as possible.

Now that your application form has been submitted, you should review the list of required documents for processing below and send those to KCC to review as part of your application package. You will only be scheduled for interview at an overseas consular post after you have submitted all documents required for your case and your visa rank number has become current.

All documents should be submitted as attachments to your email to ensure they are properly received. We ask that you use the following method to name and attach your files:

– Your DV case number;

– The full name of the applicant whose document you scanned; and

– The document name or form number.

For example:



Use your case number as the subject of the email. The maximum email size is 30MB. If the total size of your attachments is larger than 30MB, send multiple emails using your case number as the subject of each email. Please send your documents for KCC review only after you have collected all of the required documents for yourself and all accompanying family members. Send documents only to the [email protected] email address.

Documents photographed or scanned with a mobile phone are acceptable, but every document must be fully legible. Illegible or incomplete documents must be re-submitted and will delay processing of your case.

All documents not in English, or in the official language of the country in which the application for a visa is being made, must be accompanied by certified translations. The translation must include a statement signed by the translator that states that the translation is accurate and the translator is competent to translate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not mail any documents to KCC. Any documents sent to KCC will not be processed and will be destroyed.


You and each family member immigrating with you to the United States should collect the civil documents that are required to support your visa application.

Passport Biographic Page: You and each family member immigrating with you must submit a photocopy of the biographic data page of a currently valid passport. The biographic data page is the page with your photograph, name, date, and place of birth.

Birth Certificate: You and each family member immigrating with you must submit a scan of an original birth certificate or certified copy.

Marriage Certificate: If you are married, you must submit a scan of your original marriage certificate or certified copy.

Marriage Termination Documentation: If you were previously married, you must submit scanned evidence of the termination of EVERY prior marriage you have had. Your scanned evidence must be of an original or certified copy of one of the following documents:  FINAL legal divorce decree, death certificate, or annulment papers.

Military Records: If you served in the military of any country, you must submit a scanned copy of your military record.

Police Certificates: If you are 16 years of age or older, you must submit a scanned copy of a police certificate from all countries you have lived in using below criteria:

If you …AND you…THEN submit a police certificate from…
Are 16 years old or olderLived in your country of nationality for more than 6 months at any time in your lifeYour country of nationality
Are 16 years old or olderHave lived in your country of current residence (if different from nationality) for more than 6 monthsYour country of current residence
Have ever lived in another country for 12 months or moreWere 16 years or older at the time you lived thereThe country where you used to live.
Were arrested for any reason, regardless of how long you lived in that city or country, and no matter what age you were The city and/or country where you were arrested.

Court Record: If you have been convicted of a crime, provide a certified copy of each court record and any prison record.

Collect and submit your documents promptly. Your case will not be scheduled for a visa interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate until KCC has received and processed all required documents. Missing or illegible documents will delay processing of your case. If you cannot obtain a particular document, send an explanation of why you cannot obtain the document, as an attachment in .jpeg or .pdf format, to [email protected], with your case number in the subject line. Diversity visas are numerically limited and there is no guarantee a visa will be available. Only a consular officer can determine, at the time of the visa interview, if you are qualified to receive a Diversity Visa.

If you have questions about document submission, you may contact KCC at [email protected]. The KCC telephone number is 606-526-7500 (7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. EST).