Over the last couple of years I have been helping DV lottery selectees around the world. I have spent countless hours (typically at least 10 to 20 hours each week) learning about the process, answering questions from selectees, creating this website and extracting/publishing the CEAC data. I hope and know that this knowledge has helped many people, and have been thanked many times – for which I am truly grateful.Some people have asked if they can extend the “thank you” and donate something to contribute to the costs of running the website and my time – which is very kind of them.I have been working on a book to guide people through the process step by step and I am almost ready to make that available through Amazon. I planned to use any income from that book to pay for something I could enjoy with my daughter (almost 7 years old) who sees me working on DV lottery forums and BritSimonSays as my “second job”. She, frankly, misses out from the time I spend, but I feel that helping people through this process is important work. So – she would like me to build a “secret” treehouse (shhh – don’t say the secret out loud), so she and I could spend some quality time together.

However, I didn’t start doing this for money, and I want to continue providing information to those that need it, free of charge. So – in order to keep this as a public resource, I would prefer to publish the new information (guides to the process) on my webpage instead of the book – I would feel better about that idea.

So perhaps you want to help with the treehouse project. It shouldn’t be much – just a few dollars – and only if/when you can afford it. You can click the link below to donate and leave a comment.

I also would love to see a few comments on this page that I could read to my daughter to explain why Daddy likes to help all his “friends who want to live in America”. Her name is Sofia…

Thank you all and good luck!

*** Update November 2020 ***

Well, Sofia is 12 now, so its about time I updated this page. Sadly, the treehouse project never happened (although I did build a treehouse for a friend, we never built the one I planned for Sofia. We had bought some land and planned to build a house there, but in the end we decided not to build and instead we bought a home. There is no tree suitable for a treehouse. BUT on the upside we have a nice swimming pool, which Sofia enjoys, and just recently I completed a makeover of her bedroom including building a window bench, drawers and shelving unit. That has lighting built in and the bench has some “secret” compartments. So she loves it! I did all the work myself (building the cabinets, decorating and so on), but donations paid for all the materials etc.  She also got a nice phone from donations and I do make time with her to enjoy together with donations – so it is much appreciated and well used. 

Here is a photo of the her shelving unit..