DoS have posted about the lawsuit, explaining that they will do their best, but won’t be cancelling any other cases in order to prioritize DV cases. They are giving instruction to all the embassies and the embassies have started updating their websites.

Some people are surprised and disheartened by the wording of the announcement (which is here) but you really shouldn’t be as it is exactly in line with the Judge’s order, and exactly as I fully explained in the first 10 minutes of my live session from a couple of days ago (below).

The point is this. We will hopefully see a few more interviews arranged in the next few days, but there won’t be many. There is no time. What we need is a good number of visas reserved by Judge Mehta, which I believe he will do at the end of this month. So – stay calm, and stay patient. Focus on the reservation of visas, not the assumption that some have made of a flood of interviews before the end of this month.