In the past couple of days the DS260 has been updated, and whilst there may be a few subtle changes there has been one particularly interesting change – social media accounts.

The DS260 now has a section with the following question:

” Select from the list below each social media platform you have used within the last five years. In the space next to the platform’s name, enter the username or handle you have used on that platform “


This instruction is pretty clear if read it properly. They are expecting you to provide usernames or “handles” for each social media account you have held at any time over the last 5 years. These platforms are those such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. As ever, it is important to be accurate and honest in the way you complete this info. Do not lie, or omit any account – that is more detrimental to your credibility than listing your accounts, and it is VERY easy to build an online profile for someone’s activity (I have been using such profile building tools for years”. So – I am certain they can compare your list to their list and mismatches could mean you are trying to hide something.

The fact that they are doing this is a good thing. Over the last year or two many people have been delayed by a LATER request (after interview) in a form called the DS5535. Collecting the info earlier will allow them to perform checks faster, and reduce delays later.

Why do they want this information, well they will use the information as another way to perform security screenings. Again, this is a good thing (unless you are an idiot that won the DV lottery and wish harm to the USA) .

So – no need to worry about this – if you are honest, there is no need for concern.

I have had a number of questions about this relating to DV2019 and some DV2020 cases.

  1. If you are a DV2019 case, have already submitted your DS260 and do not need to unlock your DS260 prior to interview, there is no need to do anything about the new questions. There is no need to unlock the form simply for these new questions. You completed the old version of the form and that will be acceptable. Some cases may still be asked for the DS5535, and I would personally recommend you download that form and take it prefilled to the interview, but they may not even ask for it.
  2. If you have already submitted your DS260 (as a DV2019 OR DV2020 case) and if you do unlock for any reason you will now be expected to complete the new questions. Do that. No big deal. If you do not need to unlock for any other reason, you do NOT need to unlock solely for adding social media accounts
  3. People that have not yet submitted the DS260 will see the new questions and will need to complete them.