Although the website for the lottery has not yet announced it, the instructions for the new lottery have already been quietly posted online. I have been “watching” the location for the instructions, and my script picked it up this morning.

So – the instructions are here.

Important notes, as expected the passport IS NOW REQUIRED. Because of that, I expect entry numbers to be lower this year – which means this could be your best chance of selection for years…

Also, there is no mention of NACARA, which means for the first time in years the program will start with a FULL allocation of 55,000 visas. That is also great news. The NACARA allocation seems to have been officially returned to DV earlier this year with a small allocation for NACARA for DV2020. So DV2020 will have up to 54650 visas available (i.e. 350 allocated for NACARA). That information was published in the Visa Bulletin this morning.

The entry period will start on October 2nd and run until November 5th 2019. The results will be available in May 2020.

Anyone can enter the lottery – even current DV2020 applicants if they want. There is no harm in entering. There is no change in the countries eligible.

I will be publishing a video about entering, with tips to give you the best chance possible – so please look for that in a few days.