I was contacted a few weeks ago by a young man living in Yemen. The security situation in Yemen has worsened of course and the US embassy has been closed. So – it was clear that this selectee needed to move his interview to another embassy. I spoke to KCC on his behalf and agreed that he could request a change in location. He was already current, and the DS260 was processed.

He first had to consider which country he could go to  – as it had to be a country where he could enter and also where he could give KCC an address where he would be staying. The young man emailed several times, but seemed to be making mistakes with one detail or another on the email. So – I ended up speaking to KCC and emailing them yesterday on behalf of the young man.

I provided:-

The full name in order as lastname, firstname, middlename

The Date of Birth in this order Month, day, Year (MM/DD/YYYY)

Full case Case Number, like this2015AS00001234

and the current address as shown on the 1NL.


I explained the reason for the request (the closure of the Yemen embassy) and requested their soonest rescheduling. Amazingly I can happily report KCC sent me a confirmation and sent the 2NL today for an April interview at the embassy in another country he has chosen. He will conduct his medical there also, so it will be a bit complicated – but in early April he will have his visa. Anyone expecting to interview in Yemen should do the same.

That just shows that if we communicate to them with the details they need (as I have described in this post) KCC can be very responsive – even at a time when they were finalizing the April interviews. Kudos to KCC!!!!



Update: – some people are still struggling with the letter – so here is the letter I used to change the interview location for one selectee.


Name: LastName, Firstname, Middle
Date of birth: MM/DD/YYYY
Case number: 2015AS0000XXXX
Current address:

I am writing to request a change of the location of my interview since my local embassy (Sanaa, Yemen) has been closed due to security concerns.

I can attend the interview and medical in XXXXX and I will stay at my friends address which is XXXX XXXXX.
Please arrange to move my interview to the embassy in XXXX.
Thank you for your attention.