DV lottery fees

Just a quick explanation of the fees you will incur during the DV lottery process.

Entry to the lottery or filling out the DS260

There are no fees to enter the lottery, nor to fill out the DS260. Please do not feel you need to use an agent or a lawyer as the vast majority of cases can be processed by the selectee themselves using online resources (including my blog of course!).

Prior to the interview

Each applicant (principal selectee, spouse and children included) you will need to undertake a medical exam, which must be performed by a panel physician designated by the embassy where you will interview. The cost varies by country. There may be additional vaccinations required, and the physician may charge additional fees for those vaccinations.

You may also have to pay some amounts for obtaining documents and translations. Again this varies by case.


Day of interview

You will pay the DV fee of $330 per person (principal selectee, spouse and children included). This is normally paid on the interview day, at the embassy, prior to the actual interview. If you are refused, that money is not refunded.


Once approved and activating your Green Card status

If approved you are given information for paying the Green Card fee that covers the costs of production of the Green Card itself. This costs $220 per person (principal selectee, spouse and children included). This fee is paid online, either before entry to the USA or it can be paid upon entry to the USA. You will not receive your actual Green Card until you have entered the USA and paid this fee.

Adjustment of Status cases

If you are already in the USA on a temporary visa you might be able to adjust your status.  The fees for those in the USA are higher than those processing at consulates abroad. The $330 is still paid, but in addition there is a fee of $1225 per person and of course medicals in the USA aren’t cheap.

Other costs

You will obviously have to arrange and pay for travel and have savings or a plan to support yourself until you have found work in the USA. Those costs vary depending on your plans, current location and location where you will reside in America. You will not get any financial assistance with any of those costs from the US government.