Another DV2015 refusal for missing derivative.The DV lottery process is EASY – except if you fail to read and follow instructions. In the case below the applicant had entrusted a friend to fill in their original entry (which is VERY, VERY SIMPLE). The friend failed to include the son on the application – and that is an automatic disqualification. Don’t lose your chance – read the instructions, follow them and take responsibility for the process yourself!


“A year ago a friend who lives in the US made the lottery application(dv) on our behalf.At the time of the application we had a one yr old baby.We gave him all the information needed because we didn’t know a lot about the process.

Anyway,my wife found out she has won so i started reading about the process.When we checked the names on the application,I relised that my son’s name was not on the original application.Not our fault but the friend did not add my son…not sure why??

When filling the D260 FORMS I added his name as he is our son…We received notice from kcc that our case has become current..meaning a date has been booked for us to attend the interview.

When we arrived at the embassy,things went soo quick and smooth until we were go to the final interview…The CO did not beat about the bush,he told us that he is soo sorry he can’t grant us the visa because my son’s name was not on the original application.

I said thank you to him and we left….honestly it was not a mistake on our part but life still goes on.

Please don’t let this happen to you..We could have made the application ourselves but I GUESS we trusted the guy who made the application to add all the necessary information.”


DV2015 refusal for missing derivative