So today is October 1, 2016. That means interviewing of DV2017 cases will begin today, with the interviews spread out over the next 12 months. For everyone waiting for interview, remember this process requires patience, preparation (being OVER prepared is ideal!), and following a few simple instructions and giving accurate honest answers. The DV lottery is the easiest way to get a Green Card and to come and live in a wonderful country. Best of luck to those DV2017 selectees who are nervously waiting their chance to do just that.

For DV2016 applicants, yesterday was the last day of processing. Any case not approved by yesterday, cannot now be approved. There is no legal way to extend the program, there are no exceptions. So that does mean that some people are facing a bitter disappointment that will set in over the coming days. Some people that were on AP for various reasons will not have been cleared in time. Those cases now will never be clear, and will not be approved. However, I am aware of cases that were approved right up until yesterday, and those cases will be OK. The point of approval is what must be done by September 30. The printing of the visa and returning of the passports can be done over the next few days. The visas have an expiry date of 6 months after the medical so some DV2016 will be entering the USA for the first time over the next few months.

Finally, as we close out DV2016 and get ready for DV2017, just a brief reminder that DV2018 entry period opens up in a few days time. There is no need to rush your entry, take your time. Don’t use agents to enter for you, do it yourself and follow the instructions carefully. Anyone can enter, even someone who is waiting for processing on DV2017.