OK – so we are 24 hours into the process and I am having a LOT of people who can’t get their results. Because of the session time out issue last year, or because they have asked their friends and no one they know won, many have jumped to the conclusion that a similar issue is happening this year. So let me start by saying this.


Performance of the system was predictably slow yesterday, but everything is fine now.


I have now checked a number of cases where people had been “trying for hours” getting session time outs or invalid cases. They gave me their login details (Conf number/Name/Year of birth). Without exception, EACH ONE of them came back with a result on my first try. So – I am not going to check any more individual cases – but I will give these tips on checking your own case.

  1. If you don’t start with a new browser session you may cause your own session time out. Close your browser, get your confirmation number ready and open a new browser session. Then go straight to the ESC site to enter your details.
  2. Enter the confirmation code from the confirmation. It is best to cut and paste. Some people who try to type in the code are confusing letters and numbers like 1 instead of I (that is I as in IDIOT). Cut and paste removes that possibility.
  3. Your confirmation code should start with 2017 and be 16 characters in total. Make sure you don’t have a space in there at the end.
  4. Next enter your lastname. If the movie star John Wayne had entered the lottery that would be WAYNE. Just “Wayne”. The confirmation shows the names reversed so John Wayne would see his confirmation as Wayne, John. He would enter the lastname  as shown before the comma.
  5. Then the four digit year of birth. Such as “1993”.
  6. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click the button. If you do that, you will see your result.


Other Questions I have been asked.

Q. Will there be a second draw or why does it say you have not been selected at this time?

A. In some previous years there have been some new winners released (a second draw) a few months after the May results. That happened last in 2013. It is not very likely to happen and if it does happen it would only be a few extra cases. But it is for that reason they tell you to keep your number so check again in October.
***Update September 6, 2016 – the 2nd draw is confirmed https://britsimonsays.com/dv-2017-2nd-draw-additional-selectees-chosen/ ****


Q. Can I enter the next lottery in October?

A. Yes. Regardless of whether you were selected or not, you can enter.


Q. Why did they not quote the number of winners on the selectee letter this year?

A. I don’t know, but since that number was usually inaccurate anyway I am pleased they did not.


Q. When will we know the selectees from each country?

A. Probably in the next Visa Bulletin (in a week from now).


Q. Why did none of the people I know win?

A. Because it is a lottery with a low chance of winning. If you asked 1000 people that entered and have checked their result (which I doubt you have), you would only find 10 winners.

Q. Why do so few people from my country get chosen – it seems unfair?

A. It is a random lottery and the chances of winning are the same for everyone in a region (bar a few countries that have enormous entry numbers). So, if few people from your country enter, few will win. As simple as that.


Q. My number is 2017XXXXXXXX is it safe and when will I be interviewed?

A. It is too early for me to know at the moment. We need more information and even with information you need to understand this process takes a long time and takes patience.

Q. I won, when will they send my Green Card?

A. There is a process and you must be interviewed. Interviews are spread out over the whole of the fiscal year, starting in October 2016 and ending in September 2017. Your case number determines when you will be interviewed. DO NOT change your life (like selling your house or quitting your job) until you have been approved. Some people are refused and EVERYONE has to wait.


I hope that helps. Please read other articles on my site. Almost every question I am asked is already answered in something (a FAQ or blog post) I have already written, so if you want this opportunity you should be prepared to read some of my articles to make sure you are informed.