As I write this, it is around 2 hours before the DV2018 draw results are available on the website. So – I just want to make some points to those people are to check.


  • The website to check the results is
  • The checking starts at noon in the time zone for the Eastern United States. That will be evening time in EU and Africa for example.
  • The servers are always overwhelmed for the first few hours – to avoid frustration – check tomorrow.
  • If you have not been selected, you will see a simple message that says “not selected”.
  • If you are “selected” you will see a letter explaining the selection. If you see that – you are lucky enough to have been selected – but that does not guarantee you a Green Card at this point. You have to go through some steps and the process will take between 6 to 18 months. So get ready to exercise some patience!
  • If you are selected, don’t fill your DS260 in for the first few days. Take your time and learn about how to do this. I have a guide on completing the DS260 and also a guide of how the DV cases are processed.

Good luck to all!