**** UPDATE ****

I am getting reports of people experiencing a problem during submission. People see “submission in progress.” This sort of error usually means the servers are getting overwhelmed with activity. My best advice is STOP entering for a few days. The system will be quieter in a few days time. There are no prizes for being first!!!! PATIENCE!

It is important to not enter more than once. However, if you don’t get a confirmation number, you cannot check your entry in May 2017.  There is NO workaround for that. So – if you have a problem , you may as well wait a few days and try again. Hopefully it will work at that time and you get a confirmation number.

I advise trying a different browser (for example, if you are using Chrome, try IE or Firefox).

Please note that the DV2018 instructions and FAQ specify that an issue like this could happen and the applicant should try again. This is question 22 on the instructions everyone should have read.




OK the entry period for DV2018 has started. It will last until November 7th. There is NO advantage to rushing the entry now, or waiting until the last minute. The entries are chosen at random from the whole entry period.

Entering the lottery is easy and free. DO NOT use an agent to apply for you, as doing so usually causes problems. The agents get details wrong (which can cause disqualification), they charge you money to do something you can do yourself and I have known many cases where agents blackmail winners for money later in the process.

Good luck!!!