*** Update – the system is fixed. Many are still having problems – but that is because they are entering information incorrectly – see https://britsimonsays.com/faq/checking-esc-page-check-without-mistakes/



OK – IN my last post about the problem. This is an update to that post and to address some fears and theories that are going around. So – some points & explanation.


The system glitch (problem) continues.

I have confirmed this myself as I have some people who have emailed their case information.


The problem is very widespread BUT is not 100% of cases.

Traffic on my site is VERY high – thousands of people are going through this without a doubt.However I have also seen many winning cases and of course many not selected.


The glitch is not specific to one region, continent, country.

There are winners from every region and all over the world. I have seen them reported here, and in other forums.


This is not to do with using an old photo.

There are many people with the problem saying that this is happening to cases where the person used an old photo (which is against the rules). However – I have seen some cases confirmed with the problem where a new photo was used. So – a disqualification due to an old photo is NOT the reason.  In fact, cases that have been disqualified in every previous year are simply removed prior to the May announcement. These cases create gaps in the numbers (I call them “holes”) – this older, but still accurate article explains the concept and the draw process.

Now – for those people who used an old photo – well first – you should read instructions more carefully, and second if you do get selected it might cause a problem – mainly if you used the exact photo from DV2017 entry.

If you have this problem AND NOT re-use an old photo it would be useful if you could post a quick reply to this article to calm the others that are feeling like the problem is happening to them because they did not follow that simple instruction (to use a new photo).


The government probably already know about the problem. No need swamp them with calls.

Last year there was another large scale problem with the draw announcement. For a couple of days the IT department seemed not not understand or accept that there was a problem. However, it did get fixed within about 3 days. I expect a similar reaction this year – so maybe this will be fixed later today or in a day or two. Patience is KEY to the DV lottery. If I see any official announcement I will post an update.



It does not suggest these cases are all winners

I don’t think this is the case – we already have seen winners, and I have seen at least one case where the person was hitting the glitch and then finally got a not selected message. So people with the glitch should not assume (like DV2016) that the glitch means they are selected.


It is not about re-using one email for several family members.

That is not a reason to be disqualified.


 I do not think this is like DV2012 that required a re-draw

I have seen that theory too. It isn’t like that.


It isn’t something related to the place you check from or using one particular  browser.

I know of cases where a person has multiple entries to check (within a family) and some have the glitch, some don’t. Same person checking on the same computer – able to check some and not others.



The forgot confirmation number doesn’t work for these cases

That is interesting – as someone said – it is as if the system is unable to see these cases in the system at all at the moment. That would explain why the error message displayed is the same as when someone enters the detail incorrectly.


I will communicate progress through updates.  

I am getting MANY requests for updates – so I will post new articles as I find any news. But no “all clear” article means the problem still exists.  I won’t respond to each and every request for further updates personally – there are simply too many.