*** Update – the system is fixed. Many are still having problems – but that is because they are entering information incorrectly – see https://britsimonsays.com/faq/checking-esc-page-check-without-mistakes/



OK – so I have been getting many reports of people not being able to check their cases. The system is giving a message of “The information entered is not valid.”

Normally when this happens it is because someone is mistyping the information in the page – typically confusing the letters in the confirmation number or not entering the LAST NAME which shows as what is entered BEFORE the comma.

However, I have entered checked a number of cases and I have confirmed there is a system problem that is stopping the checking of entries. . I almost can’t believe they managed to screw this up again. But they did.

So – I know for certain that many people have managed to check their results today. Some have been selected, many have not. But if you are one of those unable to check their case then I suggest you wait for another day rather than trying over and over again. I will check some cases from time to time and when I think the error is cleared I will post an update.