The scraping is complete. Many people around the world helped with this task, and I am extremely grateful for their effort.

Xarthisius has also worked tirelessly over the last few days making changes to the script and even dealing with some idiots (actually one particular idiot) with some malicious activity. By distributing the script we were opened up to a few more challenges than we would have expected, and the data will need some cleaning at some point. However, Xarthisius has released it to make it available for everyone to look at. Here is the link to the DV2019 data where you can see the charts and download the data in csv format.

I know there are many people who are waiting for this data and will form opinions about whether the regions will go current or where the cutoffs will be. But we need to be cautious with those assumptions. The last few years has showed that the quotas cannot always be met in certain regions and government actions can affect the pace of processing. When that happens (as in DV2018), the quotas can be moved to some extent to use all the available visas. This happened last year and favored EU region, but we cannot assume that can certainly happen again. We don’t know what will happen in the next few months.

Let the analysis begin!