For those just being selected, you may not yet fully understand the importance of your case number. Your number is specific to your region, each region starting from 1. So there is an 2019AF1, 2019AS1, 2019EU1  and so on. The regions go up to different maximum numbers, with 1 being the lowest in each region.  The number dictates when you will be interviewed, low numbers are interviewed before high numbers. Whether your number is high or low is relative within a region to the highest numbers in that region – so it is helpful in these early days to start getting an idea of what case numbers are out there.

So – please report your case number as a reply to this thread. Give your number in slightly hidden format – ignoring the leading zeros, and hiding the last 2 or 3 digits. So case number 2019AF000012345 would be shown as 2019AF12XXX. SA and OC regions have lower ranges, so just hide the last two digits – so 2019OC000001234 becomes 2019OC12XX.  Always quote your number that way on public forums.

Please also give your country you are charged to (typically country of birth).