A few people have asked me why they cannot check their DV-2019 results yet – so let me clarify why that is the case.


The results were originally scheduled to be available from May 1, 2018. However, during the entry period last year, there was a technical issue that caused the government to completely restart the entry period. Any DV-2019 entry made prior to October 18, 2017 will not be considered. Emails were sent to entrants advising them to re-submit their entry after the restarted date (October 18), and the entry period was extended until November 22.


Because the entry period was delayed, the results checking period has also been delayed. DV-2019 entries cannot be checked until May 15.


This delay in the entry period is (I believe) to protect the normal period of CSPA protection for children turning 21 in this year’s lottery.


Regarding political climate. DV-2019 looks likely to continue. Although Trump and the Republicans have tried to end the program, there were some changes proposed and none of them got passed. I am not aware of any other legislation currently being proposed that would stop the lottery, although that cannot be ruled out in the future. DV-2019 will be more or less “immune” from changes once the new fiscal year has begun (October 1).


So – people holding valid DV-2019 entries may start checking after May 15. Remember the system is always VERY busy on the opening day – so patience pays.