I am concerned about the remaining weeks in DV2019. If you are already interviewed, or scheduled for interview, there is no need to be worried, but my impression is that there are still a lot of cases that want interviews that are not scheduled. I want to make sure that at least my readers know what to do in the coming weeks, and I don’t want to have to repeat this 1000 times to each question. This article ONLY refers to DV2019, it does NOT affect DV2020 selectees at all. If you are DV2019, please read this article to the end, and read it twice or three times if you don’t understand. It should cover every scenario and every question you could have. I really hope so…

First, I want to apologize to the staff at KCC if this post increases your call volume – but this is too important an opportunity to miss for most people, so I am being cautious on their behalf.

This is a busy time at KCC. They have started receiving DV2020 cases and calls, and the regions just went current. I have described a “flood” of work they are dealing with, and there is a certain amount of chaos going on due to the new document procedure.

Some 2NLs have already gone out for July, and more will go out before this month ends. Those interviews will be being arranged already. Calling them will not make KCC arrange an interview that wasn’t already being arranged. So – if KCC have your DS260, and you are certain they have processed your documents prior to the beginning of May (approximately), then there is no need to call KCC.

You can be sure that KCC have your documents if you have received an email that says something like “Records indicate You have submitted a complete and valid DS260 for each family member, and You have provided all required documentation to the Kentucky Consular Center.” We can call this the ready for scheduling email. If you got that email prior to May, you will expect your 2NL later this month (if you don’t already have it). There is a chance your embassy is too full for July, so some cases will be moved to August. That’s OK. No need to panic if you got that ready for scheduling email.

For other scenarios. Maybe you have not submitted yiour DS260 or documents, maybe you submitted your documents but have not received the ready for scheduling email. In those cases, read on.

If you have never submitted your DS260, you might still be able to do that and get an interview this year, but you need to do that in the next few days. You would then have to submit documents later, and all of that must happen by the end of June at the latest.

If you have never submitted documents to KCC, you must do that now. They may not have asked you to do so yet, but in any case you must send them. The instructions for sending the documents are in this article. Make sure you send the documents needed, just those documents listed, and in the format they describe. The instructions are very clear, no need to ask me anything if you simply read the instructions. Make sure you send it to the correct email address and your case number is shown as they instruct.

If you have submitted documents, even months ago, but have never got the ready for scheduling email, then you should email KCC with your case number and ask them if they are satisfied with your documents. I do not think the ready for scheduling email is strictly necessary as a part of the process, BUT I don’t want you to sit there and wait thinking things are OK when in fact they are not. By the way, you may have received the auto reply when you submitted. That in itself does NOT mean your documents were OK. It is simply an automatic response from a computer when you send an email. When you email them asking if they are satisfied with the documents KCC will respond within a few days, either with the ready for scheduling email OR with an email that says something like your DS260 is processing, or documents are required. If they say anything like that, send your documents again, and then wait a week at least and then ask them again if they are satisfied.

I am aware of cases where the DS260 was submitted many months ago but KCC respond that they are still processing the DS260. That is simply a “go away and stop bothering me” email. Parents will know what I mean. It is simply a way to stop you pestering them. DS260s do not take months to process. I don’t want any of you to waste KCC time with unnecessary questions, because we need KCC to spend their time doing their work on scheduling cases, rather than answering your sillier questions because you are not using common sense. However, I also want to make sure none of you miss out. Well almost none of you. A couple of you have worn out even my patience…

Just a point about timing. If you are not already ready for scheduling you will not get a June or July interview. June interviews are all set. July interviews are already allocated to cases that were ready for interview a couple of weeks ago. Some cases that were ready for interview a couple of weeks ago will NOT get July interviews because of individual embassy capacity. Those will get August interviews. But if you only sent documents in the last couple of weeks, you can be sure you will not get a June or July interview. August at the earliest.

KCC will then be scheduling August interviews on as many cases as possible based on cases ready for scheduling by the end of this month or very early next month. Again, individual embassy capacity could result in some cases moving into September.

The final interviews will be in September. Those will be for cases that are ready for scheduling within about 6 weeks from now. That means you ONLY have that window of time to get documents to KCC if they don’t already have satisfactory documents. NOW is the time to be checking they are satisfied with the documents. If you miss that opportunity, you are at risk of not getting an interview at all. NO DV2019 CASE can be interviewed or approved after September 30, 2019. So – please be sure there is no misunderstanding between you and KCC about your documents.

Best of luck to all my readers.