Some of you have noticed a tweet by the state department that says the results day has been postponed from May 5 to June 6.

The announcement hasn’t been made officially yet but given the source is the official Twitter account, it is likely to be confirmed in the coming days.

The announcement has now been officially released here – so June 6 is the results day for sure.

I’m not sure why they are doing this – although it is obviously related to the COVID pandemic. Whilst it may not be their primary reason, this will give the KCC teams a bit more time to handle completing the DV2020 process, so it should help DV2020 a little.

They say it should not negatively affect DV2021 applicants but it will probably mean a slightly slower start to interviews for DV2021 because they will have lost some time when they would normally have been receiving DS260s and so on. Remember, DV2021 interviews will be scheduled from mid August, based on low number cases that have completed their DS260 AND submitted documents. So there will not be much time between June 6 and the end of July for that to happen. However, they can probably make that time up later.