There are three standard responses people tend to get from KCC. The meanings are explained below.


What do their responses mean?

KCC staff tend to use some Generic emails over and over rather than typing specific responses. DV experts are asked OVER and OVER again – what do these responses mean. So – here is what they mean!

Typically people are emailing to see if their DS260 has been processed yet – and for that question you will typically get one of three answers depending on how far your forms are processed.

Stage 1. Processing

“Your forms have been received and are currently processing. Allow several weeks for processing. Interviews are scheduled numerically based on case numbers that have completed processing.”

This means your forms are still being processed. Most people are waiting around 4 months for this processing – hence what we are calling the DS260 backlog. Hopefully that will increase speed – but right now – this post explains the timelines.

Stage 2. Pending Embassy Review

“Your forms have been received and pending further embassy review for the continuation of your visa processing”

This one means your DS260 forms have completed processing. If your case number is already current, you will get scheduled for interview in the next batch. If your number is not current you will get scheduled once your number goes current.


Stage 3. Right in the middle of being scheduled

There is one more message that is quite rare. It says something like “Your case is current and being scheduled”.

You will only get this message during the period of time when the VB has been set (announced, or about to be announced) and before you see the 2NL itself. If you see that response, just wait patiently!!



Hope that helps you – and hopefully less of you will ask what these generic messages mean. I will add any others here I can think of.