As we know, on Friday KCC started sending 2NLs. However after a short time the 2NLs stopped being sent. Some people were able to check their ESC page and see the notification, others found ESC is still not updated. YOu can check the ESC site here.

The CEAC system was update late Friday evening, so every case that has been scheduled has been updated in that system. It is clear some technical problem stopped them sending the actual 2NLs, but the interviews ARE scheduled!

If you are still waiting for your 2NL, and think you should have been expecting a June interview you will most likely get the 2NL within a day or two.  However if you want to check that you can go to the CEAC site and enter your number without leading zeros. So if your number is 2015AF00012345 you enter that as 2015AF12345. Click the search button and a window will popup with a status.

If you see “at NVC” it means you have not been scheduled for a June interview.

If you see “in Transit” or “READY” it means you have been scheduled and just need to wait patiently until the 2NL arrives.

I hope that helps!


For those expecting a 2NL for June