Oh my gosh. I have had way too many people asking about their 2NLs for ***APRIL*** interviews. I tell people to show some patience, but that seems impossible for many people. So – let me explain, and give some steps to take.

This month has been a little different than normal. The normal order of events is that 2NLs are sent some time in the second half of the month – that includes ALL THE WAY up to the end of the month. As soon as 2NLs are sent we can see that scheduled cases show “in transit” status, and once the embassy has received the case, they update CEAC to show the case in Ready status. 2NLs go out as a batch, although it can take a few hours or even a couple of days for all 2NLs to be sent. Within a few hours, the ESC page that showed the 1NL (selected) letter) is updated to show the appointment details. That is the normal sequence of events.

This month has been different.

Almost 2 weeks ago some (but not all) scheduled cases were marked as “in Transit”. Those cases have largely been marked as “Ready” now.

Yesterday, the 2NLs started going out – BUT some people have not received their 2NLs yet, even though those cases are in transit or ready.

Xarthisius has confirmed that MANY cases have been marked in transit in the past few days.

So – things are a little different. Of course, people have speculated it is something that means Trump has done something, or something wrong with their cases, or perhaps aliens have landed. That is all nonsense. There is nothing wrong. People need to just relax!!! People like to make this seem like the sky is falling but remember the Earliest April interviews are nearly 5 weeks away. Really – there is time.

So – some steps you can take if you are current.

  1. Check your case status on CEAC.  Enter your case number without the leading zeros – like 2018AF1234.
    • If your case status is in Transit or ready then you can be sure your interview is scheduled for April. Go on to step 2.
    • If the case says at NVC, then it is likely that your case is NOT being scheduled for April. If so – relax and be patient. The next 2NLs will be out in about 1 month for May interviews. Sometimes that happens for various reasons – almost always NOTHING to do with the case itself. You can ignore all the instructions (6 steps)  regarding NVC.
  2. Check the ESC page to see if your 1NL has been replaced by your 2NL yet. You may have missed the email, but that doesn’t matter, the appointment details are only ion the letter, not the email.
  3. Wait patiently. Take up yoga or something. There is NO NEED to waste anyone’s time with further questions. KCC will send out 2NLs in due course. Your calling them will just waste their time and give them less time to do their work. So DO NOT CALL KCC.
  4. You can start preparing for the interview. Arrange your medicals. If the physician asks for the 2NL they may not schedule the medical yet, although many physicians will. But, if your physician won’t schedule – wait – there is time.


KCC don’t communicate with me about these things. I don’t know any more than any of you – BUT if this process has taught you anything by now it should be how to exercise some patience. Just carry on showing patience for a few days and 2NLs should be sent out to everyone.


R E L A X!