OK, the last 2NLs have been sent, so now we need to scrape the CEAC data to see where we are (how many visas are issued, how many are left and so on.

Even though the regions are current, we need to see how many interviews have been arranged, and how many visas have been issued, along with the AP case backlog and so on. We really NEED to see a higher number of interviews than we have been seeing.

The data is about DV2019 (not DV2020) but if some of you newbies for DV2020 could help it will lessen the workload. You will soon understand just how important this data is to understanding progress and what will happen, so please help.

Please help with the scraping effort – it is very easy and if everyone spends even an 30 minutes or an hour we would very quickly have all the data. The scraping link is here – https://dvcharts.xarthisius.xyz/scraping.html