The government have confirmed what we knew so far that the document procedure is not going to be in place for DV2023. That is great news, because the document procedure had caused a problem with processing since it was introduced during DV2019.

Now – this is also important for those that are still worried about DS260 processing. Since KCC are not splitting their resources AND have not lost several months of processing as we saw in DV2022, this means KCC will have more than enough time and resources to process ALL DS260s in a timely manner. This is exactly how the process used to operate, and I am happy to see us returned to that state.

Remember In DV2022 the government processed over 100K DS260s with about 6 or 7 months of wasted effort. That shows they have more than enough capacity, and I expect to see minimal DS260 wait times by about December. So finally people can stop wondering about when their DS260s were processed.

Also this means the numbers reported to the visa office will reflect reality of how many cases want to proceed. That means the Visa Bulletin will be used to control processing in a normal effective way. It is too soon to know exactly what that will mean (because we don’t have the full set of data yet), BUT it does mean that lower case numbers will have an advantage, which is the way the processed is supposed to work.

If you want to read the announcement you can read it here: