I get a number of people asking about health insurance options for when they arrive in the USA. As described in this post, healthcare in the USA is expensive. Very expensive. A friend of mine in the UK came to the USA on a business trip and found that his UK based travel insurance did not come close to covering the enormous bills he received after a health incident in the USA.


As a new immigrant everyone is expected to obtain health coverage that meets the standards of the “affordable healthcare act” (ACA). However, for many, there is a period of time during an activation trip or even the first few months where they have not started ACA insurance and would not want that high expense for a short period of time.

However, most travel insurance policies either have limits that are too low, or could deny coverage if you have taken residence in the USA. The coverage is designed for short trips.


So, over the last few months I have been investigating options for new immigrants. There are not many options, but happily I have found one company that I feel I can recommend. Their rates are very fair, and the coverage is suitable for new immigrants. They allow you to pick a coverage level from $50,000 to $1 Million. These numbers might sound crazy, but you would be amazed at the bills that can come from a health incident (my friend was billed around $250,000).

So if you are interested in obtaining coverage click one of the banners on this page or click here Visitors Insurance . The policies are good value, and as I am a referrer, taking one of their policies helps support this site.  Once there click the tab near the top of the page that says Green Card Health Insurance, and choose immigrants insurance. That will make sure you are looking at plans appropriate for you as a new immigrant.

I recommend setting the coverage rate at a sensible level (don’t go too low). Remember the idea is to protect your financial position from the huge and unexpected bills that can come from a simple accident or something of that nature.

I hope that helps!