It is always interesting to read interview experience accounts. Most interviews last a couple of minutes and have just a few questions about where you plan to move etc. However, occasionally I actually am more interested in the ones where the interviewer delves a bit deeper. So – this well written interview experience from “Mosh” in Kenya caught my eye and offers some good education for anyone preparing for their interview. Have a read of the interview – and consider the questions asked – and then read my comments about the questions.


interview experience
my wife is the principal applicant entered lottery as single, was three months pregnant. submitted ds 260 mid October as married and had a baby born late may.
arrived at 5.45am found a few individuals, gate opened at 6.00am went first security check appointment letter and passports were checked. second security check leave metallic objects n proceed to the main hall.
called to window 5 n gave out originals and copies of birth cert, marriage cert, kcse cert wife only n hea I saw the confindencial statement from knec, pp, 2 pp photo, pcc I gave her two coz I had spent 5 yaers in Ug. asked if I have ever been in another country. then was told to pay 990 dollars to the cashier. waited then called to window 9 n our finger prints taken starting with my wife. long wait again bt finally called to window 10
co: how r u
we: fine thank you
co: adults raise your right hand n swear to tell the truth
we: we do swear
co: addressing my wife how and when did u meet
wife: brrrr
co: addressing me can u tell more what happened after that
me: brrrr
co: to wife I can see u got married on this n this date
wife: that is the date we legalised our marriage but had been staying together since xxxx
co: so u first did customary marriage
wife: that’s it
co: who attended your wedding
wife: brrr
co: no parents? 
wife: no they wanted church wedding but it’s expensive
co: to me, tell me what your wife does
me: she is a student
co: what does she study
me: brrrr
co: to my wife what does your husband does
wife: brrrr
co: to me how many days does your wife attended school
me: five days
co: to me who does take care of the child
me: there is a nanny….
co: to me what is her name
me: brrr
co: how much do you pay her
me: brrrr
co: what do u intend to do in us
me: further my studies in brrr
co: to wife which state do u intend to go
wife: California
co: which city
wife: brrr
co: who does stay there
wife: brrr
he types for a few minutes then tells us congratulations all of your visas have been approved. asks us if we are happy then returns our original documents except pcc and pp. gives us green sheet containing instruction on how to register with dhl and pick our pp  


OK – so why am I quoting this. Well in this case the couple had a customary marriage (common in Kenya and other parts – but sometimes difficult to prove). This slightly unusual scenario might have caused some doubt for the CO – so the CO (obviously an experience interviewer) decided to get a little more info. First the question about guests (sometimes couples will show photographs showing the guests and friends/community celebrating the customary marriage). Then there were a series of questions probably asked quite quickly (“rapid fire” I call it) which might seem irrelevant.  The questions themselves are not important (by that I mean the amount of money someone pays their nanny cannot affect the DV process), but what is important is that you can answer these “rapid fire” questions naturally without hesitation. Your confidence in preparing paperwork, and being honest about everything relaxes you – and to an experienced interviewer they get a feel for those that are relaxed/confident and therefore truthful as opposed to someone who has something to hide.

So – I always tell people – tell the truth in all the forms and at the interview, be prepared (over prepared is better than under prepared) and relax. Most interviews are not as detailed as this and there is NO POINT trying to prepare for the questions. The point is the answers should be honest and your answers. If you do that – you will be fine.

Interesting interview experience