This visa bulletin covers February interviews.

For those that are current, and have forms processed early enough, they can expect their 2NL in about 2 weeks from now. I know I am going to get a lot of people who will ask me this exact question – so let me say that again. 2NLs for February interviews will be sent in about two weeks time. They will include interviews for cases that have been made current in this latest visa bulletin AND backlog cases that were already current last month but the DS260 was submitted late.

We don’t know how far KCC will have progressed in terms of what submission dates will have been processed. Last month most 2NLs went to people who had submitted up to late July (and a few in early August). However, as I always point out – processing times for each case can be different, meaning two cases submitted on the same day may not be fully processed by the same day. As a guess I would imagine most submissions up to mid to late July would have been processed in time – but once 2NLs for this month are out we will see better.

Whilst DV2015 is still processing, this is the first visa bulletin of DV2016. Read this link if you are unsure how to read the visa bulletin.

For those that cannot understand why the pace has slowed down, please read this post from a month ago that explained the backlog effect on the VB.



AFRICA  – 17200(Last month 15500)


Ethiopia – 16100(Last month 13800)


ASIA – 4500(Last month 4150)


Nepal – 3700(Last month 2925)


EUROPE – 19100(Last month 16425)

OCEANIA – 750(Last month 615)

SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN – 750(Last month 650)