This visa bulletin covers July interviews.

This is the earliest we have seen a VB released. I’m disappointed that they have not included the DV-2017 stats – they might update it in a few days….

For those that are current, and have forms processed early enough, they can expect their 2NL in about 2 (maybe 3) weeks from now. I know I am going to get a lot of people who will ask me this exact question – so let me say that again. 2NLs for JULY interviews will be sent in about two or three weeks time. They will include interviews for cases that have been made current in this latest visa bulletin AND backlog cases that were already current last month but the DS260 was submitted late.

The backlog seems to be massively reduced now so progress from now on can be largely due to new VB numbers, not backlog.

Read this link if you are unsure how to read the visa bulletin.



AFRICA  – 43,825(Last month 34400)

ASIA – 10550(Last month 8000)

Except Nepal – 6725(Last month 6200)

EUROPE – CURRENT (Last month 34,000) Finally!

OCEANIA – CURRENT(Last month 1100) Finally!

SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN – CURRENT (Last month 1175)


Current = enough visas for the remaining demand.


GREAT NUMBERS for AF and AS regions. Super news for SA!