Just a quick note to calm some nerves.

I have received a lot of messages from people who have been scheduled for June interviews (and possibly May interview cases also, I am not certain) who have seen that their 2NLs on the ESC site have been replaced by their 1NLs again. This is almost certainly to do with the DV2020 rollout because that same site will be the place where 20 million people will be coming to check if they are winners in the latest lottery. That draw starts today, and the database that holds to 1NLs and 2NLs will have been updated for the new cases.

So – it does not mean anything bad about your case. Hopefully the 2NLs will be replaced within a few days, but those of you with June interviews will already know that date and can arrange medicals and so on. So, no need to panic!

Now – because of DV2020 the site will be overwhelmed by people checking for the next day or so (after noon USA Eastern time zone today, May 7). So – no need to worry about that either – it is expected.

Remember – RELAX, be patient. Don’t freak out….