In the last hour KCC have pushed the button to send the remaining 2NLs for June 2019 interviews. Please refer to my earlier 2NLs announcement for more info and to read where I had pointed out this second batch would go out before the end of the month – and they did, at about 2pm in Kentucky.

Now – if you don’t get your 2NL in this batch, you will almost certainly NOT get a June interview. The next steps will be the VB (released between the 8th and the 15 of the month EVERY MONTH) and then the July 2NLs which will be sent in the second half of the month.

Just as a reminder – I believe there is a backlog of cases waiting for interviews because of the new document procedure. No case will be scheduled until the case is current, has completed the DS260 AND submitted the documents to KCC. If you have not yet submitted those documents, you must do it as soon as possible. Read about the new procedure here.

And last but NOT least. With these final 2NLs going out we need to scrape the CEAC data again. So – scrapers at the ready. Xarthisius will make the new cases available for scraping within a few hours, so please go and check the scraping instructions and help. We need to see how many 2NLs have gone out. Embassy capacity is a concern as there are now only 3 more months of interviews to be scheduled and the backlog cases will take a lot of the available interview slots.