Tomorrow the lawsuit hearing will take place. I don’t think I need to remind you what is at stake – this will be enormously important. The hearing is on all of the four cases against the immigrant ban. We may get some indication of the decision tomorrow, BUT it could also be a few days later. There has been extensive gathering of evidence, and the government have been allowed some time to prepare a case for why a TRO should not be issued. We may also get a sense for whether the judge is considering setting aside some visas for after September 30th or not.

OK – so let’s be hopeful and see what happens!

The hearing is at 1pm EST tomorrow (August 27th).

You can listen to the hearing by dialling in here:

From USA: (877) 848-7030, Code: 3218747

International: +1 (404) 443-2170, Code: 3218747