The hearing is in progress. I’m just going to take some rough notes and keep updating as the hearing progresses.

Some discussion of “standing” and the judge asks to simplify since there are hundreds of individuals on the Aker case (whereas the Gomez case is organized into representatives of each class).

Lawyers for plaintiffs describe the “categories” of affected individuals on the DV case.

Judge recognizes that time is short and that waiting for the government to clarify its position on how the proclamation is being implemented will be harmful to the plaintiffs.

Talking about scheduling. Charles Kuck making the point that every day is impactful, but recognizes that the DoJ need some time to respond.

Update fro Greg Siskind “There will be another hearing next week on 8/12 to discuss standing and administrative record issues in disagreement between plaintiffs and government.”

Update from Curtis Morrison – “Judge Mehta ordered government to provide their response brief to #DrMvTrump motion for discovery (both production of administrative record and deposition(s)) by Aug 11. Judge will rule on that motion at the Aug 12 status conference. Good stuff”

So we will NOT have a TRO today – but the judge is pushing things as fast as possible.