I’m sure people wonder what it is like making a life in the USA after moving there as a new immigrant. Everyone has their own unique experience, but it would be great to capture some real world experiences so that those that follow know what to expect.

For those that have ALREADY entered the USA, please share some of those stories – as real as possible – positive and negative. There was one previous detailed experience written here that is a great read.

Think about these questions, but add anything you want.

  • How did you find somewhere to live?
  • How did you find work? Are there plenty of good jobs or are they low paying jobs?
  • Where did you come from and where did you settle, and why did you choose that area?
  • What is the attitude of people towards you as a new immigrant/foreigner?
  • Is it easy to make friends?
  • Do you have kids, was it easy for them?
  • Was it harder than you expected?
  • Did you have thoughts of giving up and going home?
  • What is the best aspect of life in the USA?
  • What is the worst aspect of life in the USA?
  • If your best friend had just won the lottery, would you tell them to go for it, or forget it?