The government has announced details about the new rules that will be in place for entry to the USA from November 8, 2021.

The new policy can be read here

The CDC website that has some additional detail is here.

Basically the new policy means this:

All immigrants (such as DV) are excluded from the policy because they are expected to be vaccinated during the pre interview medical.

Anyone entering the USA should show a negative Covid test (taken within the previous 3 days prior to travel in most cases). This is true whether vaccinated or not (shorter window of time for unvaccinated).

The CDC link above lists the accepted vaccinations. It has not listed some of the locally available vaccines, so the list may change over time.

Since the embassy approved physician will know what vaccines are available in the country, they will (I believe) have some latitude to allow a person to travel (by giving an approved medical result) if the vaccine is not available within the country. However, they may require the new immigrant to get vaccinated upon entry to the USA. But in any case, if you can get vaccinated, for goodness sake DO THAT! Numbers in the USA show without any doubt that the vaccines are safe, and very effective.