The I-134 is the ONLY affidavit of support authorized for use in DV lottery cases. I have written about why it is used at this post. I also wrote about the differences between the I-134 and the I-864 as some people are still confused why the I-864 is not used in DV lottery cases. So – I am assuming that you know what this form is, and when it should be used. This post is simply to alert people to the new form which is significantly changed from the old form. The old form is still valid for now, but from the end of February the new form must be used when presented at the embassy.

The new form is 8 pages long. The sponsor now needs to provide more detail including listing the selectee and all the derivatives and declaring any past sponsorships. These changes will reduce the misuse of the form, since sponsors would commit perjury if they lied on this form.

The form itself and the accompanying instructions are very clear. Any sponsor should be able to complete this form unaided.

The new form is available at the same link as the old form – here.