Updated info below!

Really great news – President Biden has stepped in and revoked PP10014. He even referred to DV2020 in the proclamation – which you can read here.

Also there is an important announcement from the State department explaining how things will work INCLUDING an NIE for the 14 day restrictions – so that is not a concern for the DV2020 visas issued cases.

How does this affect DV2020 cases?

For people with unexpired visas, and you are not subject to a travel restriction you can (and should) travel immediately.

If you are subject to a 14 day restriction – there is a blanket NIE granted as shown in the Dept of State announcement linked above.

People that had visas issued in September but that visa has expired, you should be covered by the recent order – so hang on for clarification. The lawyers will be asking for clarification for those cases. They are working on it. Patience.

For people that did not get a visa in September or had their interviews cancelled, you will have to wait for the outcome of the Gomez case (April, maybe even May).

The lawyers are still fighting to increase the number of visas in Gomez too – again – we need to wait for the final outcome.

How about DV2021 cases?

The revocation will help get DV2021 going and there is specific language in the Dept of State announcement that speaks to getting the embassies going.

The Anunciato case will continue to try and protect the 55k visas, and to force the government to act on the cases.