Due to the embassy closure of the US embassy in Yemen, all Yemeni selectees need to reschedule their interviews to another location. As I mentioned in this post I have helped a young man from Yemen change his embassy choice a few weeks ago. In the past few days I got involved with another case and emailed on the selectees behalf. yesterday I got the auto reply response and this morning I received a bizarre “standard” response as follows.


Thank you for your inquiry.

Once the DS-260 has been submitted, the Interview Location can only be updated by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC). Please send your request to [email protected]. You will need to include information that explains why you need the interview location changed.

If you need to change your interview location because your residency has changed, you will need to include the previous address and the new address in your email. You will also need to request that KCC unlock your DS-260, so that you can update your application with your new address.

When inquiring about the status of your case, you must provide the Principal Applicant’s full name, complete case number, and date of birth in the following format (MMDDYYYY) as entered on the original entry. Please remember that the Kentucky Consular Center is a document processing facility, and cannot advise you on whether or not you will qualify for a visa.  Only a consular officer can make that decision.


That response is extremely unhelpful and left me with the impression that the email to KCC was missing something, so I called KCC. During the call I confirmed that the email response a red herring – in fact the KCC representative was kind enough to confirm the interview has been scheduled for May 5th (in Jordan). This is excellent news and of course the selectee can expect his 2NL confirmation within a few days. THe email describes the “normal” expected process for an embassy reschedule – but that is not required in the special case of Yemen.


So – this has confirmed a few things. KCC are still treating the Yemen reschedules as a special case. They DO NOT need the DS260 to be unlocked, and they will simply schedule the case for the requested embassy within a day or so of receiving the request. It also confirms they are able to reschedule to any embassy the selectee chooses, although the selectee must be sure they can travel to that embassy without concerns.

Rescheduling interviews in Yemen update