DV2015 Response late low???


A gentleman from Morocco by the name of Mouhamed received an email from KCC in the last couple of days. He didn’t think he was a winner.  The email advised him to check the Entry Status page explaining the system glitch that occurred in the first couple of days had meant some people may not realize they were winners. He logged in to check today and, sure enough – he found he was a winner! He is from Morocco with a AF29XXX case number – so he will be current in a few days time! He will submit his DS260 in the next couple of days and meets all the qualifications – so that will be a happy ending.


However, it is interesting for everyone else. The fact that KCC are emailing people who they think should have responded shows they may not have had the response rate they normally expect.  That could be because of the system glitch as in this case or perhaps the DS260 was off putting in some way. Either way – it could be significant for high case numbers. If the response rate is low the highest case number at the end might go higher. We don’t know for sure – but it would help explain the enormous number of cases showing as “at NVC” in the CEAC file (along with the DS260 backlog).


People getting these reminder emails only have a few weeks to respond by submitting their DS260. If they delay until March they probably don’t have enough time to get processed. So – it is too soon to start celebrating in the street – but this could be a big help to some of the high case numbers….


By the way – why is this a big deal. Well each year they select too many people. In previous years they have selected around 100k and hand out about 50k visas. Many of the 100K never responded because they had a change of mind or couldn’t afford the process or whatever. In DV2014 and DV2015 they selected far more winners – 140k in 2014 and 125k in 2015. There are not enough visas for all, so the response rate being lower would cause the highest case number that goes current to be increased.

Just goes to show – there are many twists and turns in every DV lottery year!