*** Update: there may be a hearing later today on this report – details to follow ***

The governments lawyers filed their report as instructed by the Judge. AS I understand it they filed it a few minutes before the midnight deadline!

The report itself contains a lot of information for a person interested in the DV lottery process. Sometimes people assume I have inside information and must be a government employee, but in fact I have in the past used similar court testimony to piece together the puzzle of understanding how they work, and this latest report/declarations has similar revealing information.

But to the substance of the report. The numbers given by the government are somewhat “odd”. They make it sound like they have been working tirelessly and have done all they could have done. As we know, that is not the case.

They say they have issued 1009 visas since the order and scheduled over 700 interviews. I suspect a large number of those 1009 are simple re-issuances which took little or no effort. The 700+ scheduled interviews ties with the data extract Xarthisius took on Saturday night.

They claim there have now been 12,641 visas issued in DV2020. Oddly they claim that by March they had only issued just over 11,000 visas but we actually know they had issued 12,611 visas by March and 12,850 by July (using their official data). So – something isn’t adding up because despite adding 1009 visas in the last two weeks, they year to date number is 200 visas LESS than it was in July. I have already emailed the legal team with that information because I know they are looking to analyze the report provided to the Judge.

I’ll continue to study the report and look for inconsistencies.

If you would like to look at the report Curtis kindly made that available here.