I just wanted to share this short video about the brave young Ghanaian man, Private Emmanuel Mensah, who lost his life a few weeks ago, while saving the lives of others.

Private Mensah was staying with family when their building caught on fire. He got his family to safety, and then went back in the building to save several others before finally losing his life to the flames.

Immigrants are hardworking, brave people. They come prepared to work hard and in doing so they enrich this country and the people around them. America THRIVES when people like that come here to find their piece of the American dream, and I am embarrassed that our idiot of a president doesn’t understand that.



Private Mensah has been awarded the Soldiers medal. That is the Army’s highest award for heroism that occurs outside of combat. His citation reads “Private 1st Class Mensah’s heroic actions are in keeping with the highest traditions of military heroism and selfless service and reflect great credit upon himself, the New York Army National Guard and the United States Army.”

We are grateful for the service and bravery of this young man. Yesterday was Martin Luther King day, so I wanted to mark that day with this story.

As a contrast to that story of heroism, President Trump avoided the draft to serve his country,  not once, but FIVE TIMES, one time because he had “bad feet” (bone spurs which later cured themselves).