Trump has signed the EO of the ban he described in a tweet a couple of days ago. Looking at the text of the ban there are some important points.

  1. It does not affect people who already have a valid immigrant visa or existing permanent residents.
  2. It does not affect those inside the USA looking to adjust status.
  3. It does include DV lottery cases.
  4. There are a number of exceptions for medical professionals, which may be useful to some DV lottery cases.
  5. The order starts tomorrow night (April 23rd) and lasts 60 days

The EO is likely to be challenged, BUT it is important to note it only lasts 60 days. Embassies are currently closed so that only stops visa issuance until late June – which is not that different to the impact we already knew because of the embassy closures. So, although the order could be extended (if not already blocked) it does not mean the end of the road for DV2020 cases.

It will have little or NO impact on DV2021 unless it is extended greatly.

The order itself can be read here.