OK so I wanted to give some updates as we start the new week.

A couple of people have asked me how they listen to the hearing. Well no – it is not a “hearing” as such. The Judge has ordered the government to produce a report on how much progress they have made, both at KCC and the embassies. So – there is no hearing – we will wait for the Judge’s decision. It could come in a couple of days or we might wait until the end of the month. We really don’t know.

I, on the other hand, have produced a report/declaration for the legal teams to be prepared to refute the suggestion that KCC have done all they could have done. Frankly, I think they could have done more, if they had been clearly instructed to do so. I produced a video explaining why I am saying that below.

So – don’t wait for today about the court case. Just continue to push your cases assuming the deadline is unchanged.

The lawyers have noted that KCC have scheduled appointments that people literally cannot attend. They will use that as evidence that the government have not acted in good faith. Likewise they have noted that KCC seem to be changing their tone somewhat, suggesting they will not schedule anymore cases. Again, that is more evidence adding to the argument that there should be an extension.

People have also also asked about the Visa Bulletin – I do expect it to be published today.

Lastly, I hope you are all subscribed to my youtube channel – I am posting info on there in live Q&A sessions, so it’s a good way to hear about latest developments.

Below is my latest Q&A video from yesterday.