AFRICA 39,500
EUROPE 25,775


The above numbers are for the final VB that relates to DV2018. And oh my – they have really continued the roller coaster.

Those that are current, and have forms processed early enough, they can expect their 2NL in about 1 to 2  weeks from now.

There is much to talk about. The most unusual thing is the retrogression of AF region from CURRENT, back to 39500. I knew it was technically possible, but in the years I have known I have never seen this happen. I had pointed out my concerns about scheduling interviews in AF region – and it was clear that they focused on scheduling for lower number ranges. There was not enough time to schedule all remaining cases, but it was NOT clear to me how they were pick and choose which cases got scheduled, and which didn’t. Well – this is their answer to that problem. By moving the number lower, they don’t have to Pick and choose.

Now – the big question for a few cases that are above 39500 and already scheduled is how will their cases be handled. Well – I am not 100% certain, but I believe those cases will be cancelled. The page that explains retrogression is here. For other case types it simply means a delay. For DV of course – it means the deadline will be hit. So – that might mean they handle thes cases differently – I don’t know. If you are one of those affected, I suggest you contact KCC and see what they say. Just THOSE people call please – those people need priority to get their question answered. **Update – some points made here for people already scheduled ABOVE AF39500

For others in AF region who were current – they are now finding they are not current – and will not be getting a DV interview. The journey is over for those people.

For other regions, EU has had the hard stop we could all see was coming and has been widely discussed. I would say that a redistribution of visas did NOT happen. SA and OC regions are exactly where they have been expected to end right from the beginning. This year will be “underfilled”. It’s very sad to see.

Now – some obvious questions.

  • Is this the final numbers for the year – YES. This is it.
  • Has this ever happened before – not in DV that I know of, but it has happened in other visa classes.
  • Can anyone sue the government over this – no. Immigration is a privilege, not a right, and everyone is warned in the beginning that visas could run out and that selection does not guarantee a visa.


This year has turned out to be a mess. Over 30,000 people already have their DV visas, and for those people I am happy and grateful for the DV program. For those who just had their dreams shattered – you have my understanding and sympathy.