The visa bulletin for October interviews (DV2018 cases) has been released with the exact numbers I had given a few days ago in this post 

AFRICA: 8,500 Except: Egypt 2,350
Ethiopia 2,100
ASIA: 1,200 Except: Iran 750
Nepal 750
EUROPE: 2,600


Please read the other post to see my explanation of why the numbers are so low. Since I published that post, people have doubted those numbers, and now the numbers are the official numbers, those people need to understand my explanation.

Having low numbers like this does not signify anything much about the final numbers. This is a 12 month process, so there is no need to panic at the first month.

People that are now current AND submitted their DS260 early enough will receive 2NLs (interview notices) by email in about 2 weeks from now. This is the same every month – the VB is released between the 8th and 15th, and the 2NLs are sent between the 15th and the end of the month. It is ALWAYS like that – so there is no need to ask me when the 2NLs will be sent.