There is no doubt that the people of Yemen are going through terrible turmoil at the moment. My thoughts are with those that simply wish to live a peaceful life….

There are some selectees in Yemen that had successfully requested KCC switch their interviews to Cairo and other embassies. However, due to the current security situation in Yemen, travel may not be possible at this time. So – what should these selectees do now?

Well, once the interview has been scheduled, KCC don’t do anything more with the case – they have passed it to the embassy requested. Therefore those who have already been scheduled cannot email KCC for further help. Furthermore, it is not at all clear when it will be possible for Yemeni selectees to travel safely and now given the security situation, some countries may restrict travel for a time. So – it is not easy to know what to do. If you cannot attend your interview it would be wise to let the embassy know, otherwise they may simply assume you don’t want to take up your chance. However, it would be risky to ask them to reschedule at this stage since the future travel situation is not clear.

So – my suggestion is to contact the embassy and discuss it with them. See what they suggest. If that is not possible, and your interview is in the very near future, write something like this to the embassy.

“Due to the current security situation in Yemen, I am unable to attend the interview scheduled for me. Because of this extraordinary situation, I ask that you keep my file and I will contact you again as soon as I am able to reschedule the interview. I am still determined to proceed with my DV lottery application, so I hope you will be able to offer some flexibility to me in finding an available interview time when travel is possible. “

AS usual,. include your full name, case number and date of birth. It would be wise to send a cc copy of the email to KCC to keep them informed.

Good luck to those in Yemen, and please take care of your security as a first priority. Do not attempt to travel for your interview until you can be sure you can do so safely. Nothing is more important than your personal safety.